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Our Material Price

21AA Crushed
Concrete / MDOT/
Wayne County Spec.
15 Ton or Less $12.00/Ton
16 Ton or more $11.00/Ton
12 Yd or less $14.60/Yd
13 Yd or more $13.60/Yd
1” x 3”
Crushed Concrete
$14.50 /Ton$18.00 /Yd
Asphalt Millings
1” x 3”
Dump Fee
Bore Mud) Min $100.00
(4 yards per axle)
$25.50/Ton$20.00/yd – 10 yrds or less
$10.00/yd – 11 yds or more
Dump Fee
Asphalt –
Min $55.00
$15.50/Ton$20.00/yd – 10 yrds or less
$10.00/yd – 11 yds or more
Dump Fee
Clean Dirt –
Min $100.00 –
Dump Fee Brick,
Block, Stone – Min.
$100.00 Pick up
truck up
only 3.5 Ton
or Less $75.00
Dump Fee
Debris (Dirt Mixed
w/Wood, Pipe –
Min $100.00
Concrete Pipe$30.00 per piece$30.00 per piece
$110.00 per piece$110.00 per piece
Pricing Subject
to Fuel
Min. Fuel
for Min. Loads

** Prices are subject to change

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    21AA Crushed Concrete

    Versatile and cost-effective, our 21AA crushed concrete is a go-to solution for various construction applications. It offers durability and strength, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of projects.

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    1x3 Crushed Concrete

    Tailored to meet specific project requirements, our 1x3 crushed concrete provides flexibility and adaptability. Its larger size makes it ideal for projects where enhanced structural integrity is a priority.

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    Crushed Asphalt

    Embrace sustainability with our crushed asphalt, a cost-effective choice for road construction and other applications. Known for its eco-friendly properties, crushed asphalt aligns with environmentally conscious construction practices.

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    Pickup Services

    Conveniently pick up 21AA crushed concrete, 1x3 crushed concrete, and crushed asphalt at our designated locations. Our pickup services ensure a hassle-free experience for obtaining quality construction materials.

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    Trucking Services

    Need materials transported to your project site? Our reliable trucking services are at your disposal, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of materials to your desired location.

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    On-Site Crushing

    Experience flexibility and efficiency with our portable crusher plants. We bring the crushing operation to your project site, offering on-site crushing and recycling of various materials for a seamless construction process.

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    Our Story

    Caveman Crushing & Recycling

    Caveman Crushing & Recycling stands as the premier destination for a wide array of construction materials, proudly offering recycling services for concrete, asphalt, dirt, topsoil, and more. Our mobile, on-site crushing services ensure precise specifications tailored to your project requirements.

    In addition to our recycling capabilities, we provide a convenient dumping site for broken concrete, asphalt, dirt, brick, and construction debris. As part of our commitment to seamless service, we offer transportation solutions and can arrange pick-ups if needed.

    For added convenience, Caveman Crushing & Recycling offers a comprehensive range of construction equipment, including sweeping units and water trucks, available for rent. Trust us as your trusted partner for all your construction material needs and equipment requirements.

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